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CBWA's eLearning platform is a free online food safety and technical training program. The course website is filled with resource material to help you develop a food safety program customized for your bottling facility.


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Model Code

The Model Code is designed to be used as a model for "regulation" or "legislation" of the Canadian Bottled Water Association and is a living document and under frequent revisions. The Model Code is intended to provide the reader with a brief overview of the various regulatory requirements and industry best practices for bottled water production in Canada. The document (online) may not reflect the most recent update. Contact the CBWA office to receive the most recent Model Code.


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Audit Handbook

This handbook has been developed to assist in preparing for a plant’s annual audit. The CBWA also provides this handbook to its audit contractor to assist in interpreting the federal and CBWA requirements and their application to bottled water facilities. The handbook also serves to provide the means to conduct self audit, an important part of any plant’s HACCP program, also as a useful tool not only in preparing for the annual inspection but helping in day-to-day operations in the event that a facility is inspected by the local CFIA inspector.


When items are noted or cited by the inspector during the CBWA audit the facility will be requested to take the necessary action to correct any deficiencies. For the items marked “critical”, immediate corrective action is required.

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CBWA Bottled Water Food Safety Practices

The "CBWA Bottled Water Food Safety Practices" has been developed by the Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA) through a technical subcommittee comprised of industry experts (CBWA - CIFSI Committee). The project was funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) through its "Growing Forward" program, and partnered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency under the guidance of Garth Sundeen and his department. AAFC provides information, research and technology, and policies and programs to achieve security of the food systems, health, the environment and innovation for growth. The project management for this project is directed by CBWA, and the technical resources were provided by Guelph Food Technology Center (GFTC).

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Certified Plant Operators (CPO) Program

This program works through the bottling process, item by item. The theory behind the various steps, the quality control required at each point, the equipment used, and the mechanical problems sometimes encountered will be covered. This training course will discuss the production of bottled water from source to finished product. CBWA bottler members are required to have CPO on staff. Each CPO is required to pass an exam, and maintain ongoing technical training (minimum of 18 CEU's every three years.

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